Meet Wanda


Wanda Pearson is a trailblazer and Renaissance woman. With over 36 years of experience in marketing and sales with IBM, along with her extensive background in social work and women’s counseling, Wanda’s passion for helping others fuels her ministry and serves as a catalyst for her overall success. She is a consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, and thought leader on legal protection, small business, women empowerment and violence against women.

As an advocate for legal protection for families and businesses, Wanda’s role as a Marketing Director with Legal Shield helps countless others learn about the importance of protecting their identity, business, family and financial assets. For the past 21 years, she has been on a mission to inform, advise and educate men, women and families about the value of acquiring affordable legal protection.

Wanda’s extensive background in marketing and sales inspired her burgeoning interest in small business and networking. Dubbed the “networking queen,” Wanda is committed to taking her business WD Pearson Associates to the next level.

Throughout all her professional and business accomplishments she is particularly proud to be a wife, mother and grandmother. Wanda and her husband Dennis have been married for 39 years, with two beautiful daughters and six amazing grandchildren. 

Our goal is to serve as a primary resource for educating individuals and families about the importance of protecting personal and business assets. We believe in equal opportunities and accessibility of resources for all people regardless of gender, race, and national origins.


Speaking Engagements

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