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5 Areas That Business Owners Require Support to Avoid Failure

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

As a business owner, you're probably familiar with the feeling of having to make a tough decision. You may have even faced a decision that could have affected your business's future.

It's not easy to know what you should do in these situations. But if you had some professional guidance, it would make things a lot easier for you.

Here are 5 areas I feel are crucial to be strongly supported, especially in the Startup Phase.

1. Legal Guidance

So many businesses wait until a problem explodes before seeking legal assistance. They are afraid of the cost. Did you know that there is actually a very affordable subscription for legal services? You can get everything from your LLC set up to the proper disclaimers on your website as part of the subscription.

2. Marketing Guidance

Before you even open the doors, you are likely to have salespeople knocking on your door selling advertisements. The right ad in the right medium can bring customers through the door, but without proper guidance, you can easily spend thousands with little return. Connect with a professional who can help you to get visitors to your website and customers in the door.

3. A Growth Mindset

Businesses that don’t grow, don’t stay in business. It’s easy to get stuck in the weeds of the daily and it's difficult to see how to grow beyond it. This is where a business coach can help.

4. Administrative Support

As the CEO of your business, you are the creative force, the visionary, and the heartbeat of your business. Someone else whose strength is in the daily details should be your right-hand person. There’s a reason why Elon Musk did not remain the leader of Twitter, his genius is vision, not running the important daily details. He hired Linda Yaccarino to take over as CEO last Friday.

5. Collaboration Partners

When your business is young, you may not be able to hire out all of the big roles, this is where collaboration is key. You could trade services, create a mastermind, or even network and learn from others where you can exchange ideas. I am so passionate about Collaboration that I am launching a podcast soon with the sole topic of Collaboration. I’ll be sharing that with you soon.

Helping small businesses like yours navigate tough decisions—so that they can keep growing and thriving in an ever-changing landscape is what I do. #business #growth #growth #podcast #start #startup #startup #collaboration

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