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Rise to Resilience with 'God's Grace Through The Fire'

I‘m Wanda Pearson and humbled and thrilled to share my latest labor of love, a testament of my life journey, 'God's Grace Through The Fire'. Nobody said the path of life would be easy, and mine certainly hasn't been - but every trial, every stumbling block along the way has fueled the fire of my resilience. I have taken my resilience earned in my childhood and use it to overcome adult type challenges particularly in the work world and I have a special place in my heart for entrepreneurs. This book is not just a collection of words or theories; it is a crystallization of the lessons I've distilled from my trials and triumphs as a black woman boldly charting her path in the world of business. It's forged in the fire of real-life experiences, unadorned and authentic, just like each one of us. My fervent desire is for 'God's Grace Through The Fire' to be more than just a book for you. I want it to be a beacon of guidance, a source of practical wisdom, inspiring you to navigate any hurdles on your entrepreneurial journey with strength and grace. May it provide the mentorship and encouragement we all yearn for when embarking on the unfamiliar terrain of starting a business. If you're at the beginning of your voyage, feeling lost amidst and logistics, 'God's Grace Through The Fire' will encourage you and serve as a reference place for your own thoughts.


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